I design to meet people where they will be.  I thrive on crafting unique experiences & forging new pathways that better connect us.

Leveraging a wide breadth of design attributes, I enjoy working with companies looking to expand into new & unfamiliar product arenas.  As a cross-functional team member with an understanding of both left & right-brained dialects, I look to focus my energy, my attention to detail & my drive for improving lives towards an innovative company striving to create unique experiences.

At LG Electronics, I was a part of a concept team tasked with exploring the potential of haptics in mobile communication before Apple introduced the iPhone.  At Contigo, I spearheaded their youth product line and helped establish them as a stakeholder in the youth market.  At Electrolux, I was brought on for the development of their first line of small kitchen appliances and went on to spearhead the design evolution of their floor care appliance brands.  At Tupperware, I worked with NASA and was tasked with creating microwave & IoT electronic products that push the envelop of what's achievable in the home or kitchen. Now at Samsung, I’ve had the privilege to work on Home IoT products, QLED TV’s, Smart Wearables and, as of recently, lead a new Futurist Opportunities endeavor slated for the year 2030.

After over 15 years as a product designer, I am proud of the work I've done and welcome the opportunity to work alongside talented design teams striving to solve tomorrow’s problems & make an impact on those around them.

Feel free to reach out to me.  I look forward to discussing your needs and my ability to meet them.

jmikewig@gmail.com    |    (336) 686-6869