Frigidaire Hand Blender

An OEM project & An Accelerated Timeline.


The Hand Blender was a face-lift project that went from kickoff-to-final surfaces in less than two months and final surfaces-to-production in under a year.



Hand-held Kitchen Appliance UL Standards

Off-the-Shelf Facelifts


The Hand Blender was a last-minute addition to its product line and it was important to utilize the line's less expensive visual styling cues i.e. no stainless steel.  Inspiration was taken from two areas: the coarse granite grey base & the matte silicone interface overlay.  As for the face-lift, most of the OTS components were scrapped and a new button interface plus cord mechanism were developed to improve ergonomics.



Consumer insight sessions involved 6 competitive samples spread across kitchen countertops.  The key insight was the revelation that, even though competitive products face the cord towards the consumers, consumer prefer laying the cord ahead of them and, in many cases, the outlet is in front of them.

Concept sketching was quick, lasting just two weeks, and from there the project transitioned to modeling in Alias & Solidworks.

Blender Research.jpg
Blender VBL.jpg


Focus was placed on incorporating a low-to-no cost Unique Selling Point and that deliverable was addressed through the addition of the 180° swivel cord.  Also developed was a 360° swivel cord that would be utilized on the 2nd-Gen lineup.

The final form takes its visual cues from the product lineup.  A brushed nickel coating was used to simulate stainless steel, the button featured an elongated silicone membrane and  the granite grey facade was coated in a 2nd-stage silicone-blend spray to enhance the look and improve ergonomics.